Another Tag…Lagi!

Dapet tag2an lagi dari bu Silvia nih, ya mumpung lagi “sibuk” jadi dikerjain sekalian deh..

a. Available or Single?
Not single, but still available… 😀

b. Bestfriend?
My “ph7” friends… grace, gretha, jenny, christien, venny … miss u…

c. Cake or Pie?
Cake dong ah…

d. Drink of Choice?
Mineral Water, Ice Tea

e. Essential Item(s)?
Cellphone and watch, can’t live without it!

f. Favorite Color?
White, Black, Blue, Green

g. Gummi Bears or Worms?
Hm… none of them

h. Howetown?

i. Indulgence?
Jalan2, belanja2… apalagi kalo duitnya no limit, uhuy…

j. January or February?

k. Kids?
Only “Kevin” right now…

l. Life is incomplete without?
family and friends

m. Marriage Date?
28 November 2004

n. Number of Siblings?

o. Oranges or Apples?

p. Phobias / fears?
kecoa, tikus, hiiii….

q. Favorite Quote?
Jalanin aja apa adanya…

r. Reasons to Smile?
apa aja selama masih bisa tersenyum…

s. Season?
Holiday Season…

t. Tag Three?
Ferlin, Fie, Felicia

u. Unknown Fact About You?
demen sama masak memasak (kira2 pada percaya gak ya?)

w. Worst habits?
kata hubby gue orangnya “keras”, tapi pembelaan gue : ya jadi cewe harus tough dong, jangan lembek ntar diinjek2 orang, hehehe… bisaaaa ajah

x. X-rays or Ultrasounds?

y. Your Favorite Foods?
Noodles and sushi

z. Zodiac?



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3 responses to “Another Tag…Lagi!

  1. theeldridge

    rajin bener bu, bikinnya cepet 😛

  2. hunny

    theeldridge : iya dong, gue kan rajiiinnn…

  3. Ferlin

    aduh ketimpuk sana sini…
    nanti ya dikerjakan.

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